In the meantime, here are a few testimonials from previous Queen’s Chapel GriefShare participants.

“The Grief Share Program at Queen’s Chapel is “Extraordinary, Anointed, Magical, & Graceful.” It has opened doors for me mentally, emotionally, & spiritually, which I never knew existed. It has given me the tools to not only grow as a “Man” and a Christian but also has allowed me the wonderful opportunity of being a true blessing to many others by sharing my testimony. By being part of the Grief Share Group, it has given me a “loving and truly unimaginable” gift, which was the inheritance of another “immediate” family.” – C.H.

“GriefShare has helped me the most by giving me living, breathing hope in the form of our counselors and fellow mourners. To see their courage and drive to push forward every week has truly been an inspiration to me.” – D.C.

“Queen’s Chapel UMC’s GriefShare program has been an absolute blessing to participate in. I look forward to spending time with the group each week and unpacking the stories and lessons featured in the book and shared by other group members/participants. From the first day, I attended I expected to really benefit, and I certainly have. I often share the overall program of GriefShare with others and even invited my sister to attend Queen’s Chapel’s group with me.” –R.L.

“To God be the glory! To my Grief Share family, you have been my blessing in this time of need. When the time arrived and God called my mom home, I thought and believed I would be more prepared for her transition. I was wrong. I lost it. I didn’t understand the pain, emptiness, or confusion of what I do now. When God took away a part of me that I had known all my life, he gave me First Lady Sonja and this amazing group to help me see my way through this pain. God is an awesome God!!!!!!!!!” – J.M.

GriefShare Resources

What the Bible says about Losing a Loved One

Finally, please take this opportunity to review the resources provided for your encouragement and strength during your time of grief.