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No matter your stage or season of life, we want you and your family to join us! Your family is always welcome at Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church offers a variety of opportunities to use your talents, skills, resources, and spiritual gifts to make a difference in the lives of our church family and our local community.

Some ways you can help is by volunteering your time to serve others in a ministry or by participating in one of our fellowship ministries.

Our ministries are categorized by department. Feel free to explore the possibilities.

Church in Action (CIA) Teams

Church in Action (CIA) Teams. There are five ministry teams under which all approved ministries will be aligned. Additionally, there is an administrative team. They are Gracious Hospitality, Praise & Worship, Biblical Faith Development, Outreach & Evangelism, and Faithful Generosity.

Each CIA team has an assigned coordinator. Coordinators are responsible for ensuring projects and programs are executed under the guidelines established by the QCUB.

All ministries are constantly being reviewed to determine if they are functioning under the Vision and Mission of the church. The reevaluation process takes place annually, and I reported by the Board Chairperson before the church conference. No ministry projects, programs, or events will take place without approval from the CIA Liaison and the Senior Pastor. Administrative matters may be brought before the entire board is implemented or approved.