Faithful Generosity at Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church

We enjoy serving our local and global community through Faithful Generosity at Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Beltsville, Maryland. Our congregation, deeply rooted in the Methodist tradition, exemplifies love in action, reflecting Christ’s compassion in our outreach efforts.

Faithful Generosity is not about occasional, spontaneous acts of kindness. It represents a lifestyle, a core part of our faith, and an unwavering commitment to using our resources to impact lives positively. This means giving our time, talents, gifts, service, and witness to uplift those who need it most. This is both within and outside our church family.

Our ministry demonstrates this Faithful Generosity by supporting local food banks. We also offer scholarships to deserving students, aid homeless shelters, and contribute to disaster relief efforts worldwide. Our doors are always open to anyone seeking spiritual nourishment and tangible support.

Furthermore, our congregants participate in weekly services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and social events. They willingly offer their skills and time to lead these gatherings, fostering a vibrant spiritual community that indeed acts as the body of Christ.

Globally, we proudly support United Methodist Church mission projects worldwide, extending our helping hands to our needy brothers and sisters. This benevolence, far beyond our local borders, confirms our belief in universal brotherhood.

At Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church, Faithful Generosity is more than a commitment; it’s our way of life. It’s an outpouring of gratitude to God, which we joyfully share with our community and the world. We create a better world, one generous act at a time.