Praise & Worship at Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church

At Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Beltsville, Maryland, worship is the heartbeat of our congregation. We strongly believe in creating an environment that encourages Praise & Worship, profound reverence, and a personal encounter with God. Rooted in the United Methodist Church’s rich tradition, our worship services blend the familiar and the new, honoring the past while embracing the future.

Our Praise & Worship encompasses an array of expressions – vibrant singing of hymns, old and new, reflective prayer, meaningful liturgy, powerful preaching, and quiet moments of contemplation. We strive to offer various worship experiences that help individuals connect with God in a way that resonates with their spiritual temperament.

Our Sunday services, the centerpiece of our worship, are carefully crafted to inspire and challenge congregants. They blend biblical teachings, uplifting music, and communal prayer. They invite everyone to understand God’s love, grace, and purpose. Our ministers deliver heartwarming sermons, sparking thoughtful reflections on living out our faith daily.

Music, a vital component of our worship, spans various styles and traditions to uplift spirits and foster communal devotion. Whether through traditional hymns, gospel songs, or contemporary Christian music, we utilize music to express our adoration, joy, and gratitude to God.

Children and youth are also integral parts of our worship experience. They participate in services and contribute through readings, music, and other creative expressions. This involvement helps nurture their spiritual growth and helps them feel valued as vital members of our worshipping community.

At Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church, Praise & Worship is not just a Sunday experience but a way of life. We extend worship beyond our church walls, encouraging our congregants to converse with God through personal devotions, meditation, and acts of service.

We strive to honor God with genuine and passionate worship in the sanctuary, at home, or in our community. We praise Him in all we do and seek to deepen our connection. We collectively express our love for God, witness His goodness, and draw strength and inspiration for our spiritual journey through worship.